Executive MBA EMBA Class of 2019 Prepares for Module “Finance & Accounting”

As the next step towards certification, our EMBA Class of 2019 will dive into the fundamentals and best practice examples of corporate financing. From 7 – 12 September, 2017, the Executive MBA Module “Finance & Accounting” presented by TUM professors Prof. Dr. Gunter Friedl and Prof. Dr. Christoph Kaserer provides all the tools for strategic financial decision-making.

Aside from the latest research findings, our participants will work with exclusive real cases from financial management in leading organizations. Experienced practical lecturers include Kai Fischer (Deutsche Börse) and Frank Nagel (Deloitte).

The Class of 2019 will also have ample opportunity to apply their learnings: A simulated financial results press conference, hosted by corporate communications expert Rainer Westermann, will put participants’ thorough preparation of corporate balance sheets and professional presentation skills to the test.

Further expanding their practical leadership skills, participants will also engage in targeted media training to enhance their social media skills, presented as part of their EMBA program’s personal development track.

As a further highlight, this autumn will see the Class of 2019 literally reaching for the stars: During a visit at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) in the town of Oberpfaffenhofen, participants will see all the latest communication technology in air travel and space exploration in action. The tour includes the live communications link with the International Space Station (ISS) and satellite navigation system Galileo. The excursion was initiated by aerospace expert Sergi Ginebrera (EMBA Class of 2018).

Please note: The application deadline for our Executive MBA program starting in the winter semester 2017/18 will extend until 30 September, 2017. For detailed information, please visit the official Executive MBA program page.

Executive MBA in Business & IT Module “Ownership of Enterprise & Corporate Governance” in St. Gallen

Fresh off the summer break, participants will engage in the next Executive MBA in Business & IT Module in Switzerland: At the Institute of Information Management of the University of St. Gallen, the module “Ownership of Enterprise & Corporate Governance” will present the latest findings in corporate analysis from 11 – 15 September, 2017.

The highly practical module will focus on models of corporate management in a broad range of different organizational structures. These models include differences in the organizations’ size, ownership, and political environment, as well as the role of information technology in reaching strategic company goals.

Another key focus area lies with human resources, especially the importance of highly qualified employees such as CIOs and IT managers in the overall corporate context. Rounding out the course curriculum, the module will present the latest insights from the field of corporate communication, including the involvement of stakeholders and effective engagement of interested parties.

For further information regarding the module “Ownership of Enterprise & Corporate Governance”, which can also be booked as a stand-alone Certificate Program, please visit the module web page.

Executive MBA in Business & IT Module “IT Security & Privacy Management” at TUM

How can today’s business leaders confront the increasing risks facing the IT-segment? The trending subject of IT security is at the center of the Executive MBA in Business & IT Module “IT Security & Privacy Management” from 9 – 13 October, 2017 at the TUM.

The importance of seamless security serves as the foundation for this module. TUM experts Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar and Prof. Dr. Claudia Eckert will outline the specific risk profiles facing today’s organizations, together with specific approaches to IT security and privacy management. A central aspect includes the sensitive area of private employee and customer data in the module’s privacy management segment. Participants will learn to implement the latest laws, rules, and concepts for the protection of sensitive personal data.

The curriculum also includes an on-site visit at Munich RE, where cyber risk consultant Oliver Lenze will provide practical examples from the management of cyber risks in a major insurance provider.

Supplementing the module “IT Security & Privacy Management” with further practical case examples, a number of guest lecturers will demonstrate how to strategically align the entire organizational risk management efforts to the modern-day requirements of IT risk management. The module also highlights the latest exploits and tactics employed by cyber criminals, while encouraging participants to spread awareness of cyber safety in their own organizations.

For further information regarding the module “IT Security & Privacy Management”, which can also be booked as a stand-alone Certificate Program, please visit the module web page.

Please note: The application deadline for the start of our Executive MBA in Business & IT in the winter semester 2017/18 will extend until 30 September, 2017. For detailed information, please visit the official Executive MBA in Business & IT program page.

Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation “Class of 2019” Presents Team Projects in Front of Expert Jury

The moment of truth arrived for our Class of 2019 in the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation on 6 August, 2017: It was time to present their team projects with their unique business concepts, on which they had been working for the past months, in front of an expert jury.

The jury consisted of experts from the fields of venture capital, corporate innovation and business design and provided participants with hands-on advice and valuable feedback on how to finalize their business ideas into polished concepts.

Overall, jury members were delighted by how far the start-up ideas had already progressed in progressive business segments such as wearables, med tech and food. Participants are already working on implementing these insights before presenting their business ideas on their visit to UC Berkeley. Because as the next milestone on their journey towards Executive MBA certification, the Class of 2019 is currentely visiting Berkeley, California for a number of lectures and visits to innovative companies in one of the world’s most vibrant start-up scenes – the Bay Area.

TUM is the best technical university in Germany

In 2017 TUM is, according to the „Shanghai Ranking“, one of the best universities in the world. Thereby it is the only technical university in Germany placed in the global Top 100.

The Shanghai Ranking – formally Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) – annually ranks universities from all over the world by the number of papers published in important journals, the citation frequency of their researchers, and the number of scientists and alumni who won Nobel prizes and Fields Medals.


Especially because of the numerous publications of highly cited papers in well-respected and international journals the strong showing was achieved.

All results of the Shanghai Ranking can be found here.

Dr. Jamie L. Gloor Honored with Emerald Best Dissertation Award

We are happy announce a high-profile award for a TUM-study on an important subject: At the Academy of Management Conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Dr. Jamie L. Gloor from the Chair of Research and Science Management at TUM School of Management received the Emerald Best Dissertation Award. Her paper was chosen in the category “Best research paper based on a dissertation” in the Gender & Diversity in Organizations segment.

Under the title “An Inconvenient Truth? Interpersonal and Career Consequences of ‘Maybe Baby’ Expectations”, the study provides important scientific insights into the situation of women in the early stages of their careers, who are met with adversity or distrust because they are pregnant or may potentially wish to become mothers (Maybe Baby).

As the study demonstrates, this group of women is facing enormous professional handicaps and discrimination in today’s workplace. Three out of four organizations would rather break the law than employ a pregnant woman or woman of child-bearing age.

The most important take-away of the study: Childless women most often report uncivil or rude conduct from colleagues and superiors compared with other groups (parents and childless men). These statistics are not affected by the fact whether or not these women may actually happen to be pregnant or wish to bear children. Nevertheless, they are met with suspicion and negative attitudes, with consequences reaching all the way to these women completely abandoning their careers.

As the statistical basis for the study, the researchers conducted a survey among 474 women in the early stages of their careers at 12 universities across Switzerland. Compiled in cooperation with co-authors Xinxin Li and Sandy Lim of the National University of Singapore and Dr. Anja Feierabend (University of Zurich), the highly relevant study ranged among the top 10 percent of all research papers accepted for the largest international management conference with over 10,000 participants. We congratulate the authors on their award and contribution to gender equality in the workplace.

Executive MBA in Business & IT Module “Leadership & Cooperation” Completed in July

Our Executive MBA in Business & IT participants are making rapid progress and for some of them, this module already marked the last before working on their master’s thesis. Starting 10 July, the module “Leadership & Cooperation” focused on fundamental aspects of corporate leadership in the digital era, including questions such as: How leaders can (and must!) ensure cooperation and coordination in networks and their own organizations.
The latest research findings and specific requirements for efficient leadership of individuals and teams were presented by TUM chairs of Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus, Prof. Dr. Isabell M. Welpe as well as Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar. The module provided participants with practical insights on leadership and value creation in and through networks while outlining criteria for the assessment of leaders.
Guest lecturers providing glimpses into change cultures in different organizations included Andreas Kuhndörfer (BSH), Dr. Carlos Härtel (GE Global Research), Chris Penningroth (former Air Force pilot) as well as Max Peterson (Director Amazon Web Services).
This module also marked the presentation of the results of our participants’ individual leadership profiles, presented and evaluated by Dr. Ellen Schmid and Dr. Kristin Knipfer of the TUM Chair of Research and Science Management. Compiled for each individual participant, the leadership profiles evaluate several dimensions of leadership performance, including active problem solving, personal values and rapport with individual employees, based on self-assessments and team evaluations. We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all participants the best of luck for finalizing their master’s theses.
From 11 – 15 September, the upcoming Executive MBA in Business & IT Modul will focus on “Ownership of Enterprise & Corporate Governance” at the University of St. Gallen. This module will explore corporate leadership in various forms of organizations together with the role of technically qualified CIOs and IT leaders within the broader organizational context.

Please find more information on our module “Ownership of Enterprise & Corporate Governance” which can also be booked as an individual certificate program, by visiting the official page.

Important note: The application period for the winter Semester Executive MBA in Business & IT is open and will continue until 30 September 2017. For detailed information about the program please visit the official Executive MBA in Business & IT page.


Vice Dean Prof. Peus voted Senior Vice President Talent Management and Diversity

The Technical University of Munich will soon have a new Senior Vice President!  Vice Dean Executive Education Prof. Dr. Claudia Peus was just voted Senior Vice Presicent for Talent Management and Diversity.

The Executive Education Center congratulates and wishes best of luck in leading and shaping this important ressort.

More information about the new TUM Board of Trustess.


Class of 2019 Gearing Up for Final Presentations and Visit to Silicon Valley

Entering a crucial phase on their journey towards certification, our “Class of 2019” in the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation completed its second on-site weekend of the “Entrepreneurship” module. Participants drew inspiration from lectures by our Academic Program Director Prof. Hana Milanov as well as guest speaker Andreas Kunze, CEO and Co-Founder of Konux.
The team projects created by our participants are also in their final stages and the class is already developing final presentations. Supplementing the curriculum, a session on Market Research headed by EMBA-alumnus Simon Fischer, CEO of CLEVIS Research, emphasized the role of actionable data and diligent research when making business decisions.
For the next milestone in the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation, the class is gearing up for the time abroad at Berkeley and the Bay Area. The excursion will feature lectures by leading researchers as well as company visits at innovative companies in the world-famous start-up scene.
Before packing for the trip, participants also found the time to enjoy summertime in Munich with a friendly get-together during the MBA Family Picnic on 9 July attended by numerous current participants and alumni as well as their children at Munich’s English Garden.


Class of 2018 Completes Module “Leadership & Organization”

Our Class of 2018 of the Executive MBA in Innovation & Business Creation also participated in the last days of classes before it’s already time to begin working on the final theses. From 30 June – 2 July, the module “Leadership & Organization” explored current leadership issues with lectures such as “Social Entrepreneurship” by Dr. Pascal Schneider, Social Entrepreneurship Academy as well as “Leading Virtual Teams” by Prof. Dr. Helmut Krcmar.
Rounding out a highly engaging module, participants used the opportunity to work with business coaches during an entire coaching day under the motto “Personal Visioning – Your next steps” to reflect on their EMBA experiences and explore new future perspectives. We wish all participants the best for their future and entrepreneurial pursuits.