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As part of our exclusive advanced educations partnership with the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (BVK), TUM School of Management has developed the Certified Private Equity Analyst (CPEA) German-language training program. Featuring high-profile lecturers and leading experts from the fields of science and business, the Certificate Program offers a comprehensive examination of the private equity sector at the highest level of academic excellence and practical relevance.

With this program, TUM School of Management establishes a new standard in private equity training, while setting a consistent quality benchmark for the otherwise heterogeneous group of subsidiary managers.

The CPEA training program consists of five modules at three days each (from 9:00am – 5:30pm, respectively). Training modules focus on the venture capital and private equity industries with a holistic view on relevant issues and defining characteristics. Participants also receive training in essential soft skills in a designated module showcasing effective negotiation and management audits. Case studies based on real-life applications help bridge the gap between theory and practice. After each individual module, participants are encouraged to apply their skills ‘on the job’. Regular participation and a final exam are required for CPEA certification.

Please note that this program is taught in German.



Certified Private Equity Analyst


Certificate “Certified Private Equity Analyst”


  • Module 1: Fundamentals of Corporate Acquisitions & Sales
  • Module 2: Fund & Transaction Structuring
  • Module 3: Equity Interest Management & Corporate Governance
  • Module 4: Exit Strategies & Fundraising
  • Module 5: Selection of Management Teams & Conducting Negotiations


Investment managers and professionals working in the venture capital, investment as well as M&A sector that aim at gaining a certificate for their professional qualification


Annually in October


15 presence days

5 modules, 3 days each(Thursday – Saturday)

7 months starting October 2017


Part-time, attendance blocks




Munich, TUM School of Management


EUR 11.750 total

(for members of BVK and cooperation partners:  EUR 9.750)

single module: EUR 2.950

(10% discount for members of BVK and cooperation partners)


Module 1: Fundamentals of Corporate Acquisitions & Sales

  • Market structures and market development
  • Fundamentals of equity participations
  • Business plan analysis, incl. case study
  • Corporate valuation: VC/PE
  • Financial & Commercial Due Diligence

Moduel 2: Fund & Transaction Structuring

  • Overview over financing options
  • Specific financing offers
  • Public and private financing options
  • PE/VC fund structures
  • Legal due diligence
  • Legal issues of PE/VC investments, investment agreements, deal documentation
  • IP management
  • Transaction structuring
  • Corporate and financial market law
  • Tax issues

Module 3: Equity Interest Management & Corporate Governance

  • Operational equity interest management
  • Corporate governance structures
  • Effective control and monitoring mechanisms
  • Equity controlling, monitoring, and risk management
  • Strategic management
  • Selected aspects of the PE, VC, and MBG sectors
  • Case studies and practical issues

Module 4: Exit Strategies & Fundraising

  • Exit strategies (IPO, secondary)
  • Dual Track
  • Risk management
  • Performance measurements
  • Fundraising
  • Capital market communication

Module 5: Strategic Selection of Management Teams & Conducting Negotiations

  • Strategic selection of new management teams
  • Performance measurement of existing management teams
  • Successful development of management audits
  • Negotiation styles
  • Preparaotion of negotiations
  • Negotiation techniques

All five modules finish with a business dinner.

Executive MBA

CPEA – Eligibility for the Executive MBA

It is possible to receive credits for the AMBA-accredited Executive MBA of the TUM School of Management after successful participation of the CPEA program.

  • The completion of the CPEA  is worth 10 ECTS in the Executive MBA and can be counted as two electives
  • Eligibility of EUR 4.000 of total Executive MBA tuition fee
  • Certificate with two titles: MBA + CPEA

CPEA = Elective 1 + Elective 2




Dates 2017/2018

Module 1: 26 – 28 October, 2017
Module 2: 16 – 18 November, 2017
Module 3: 08 – 10 February, 2018
Module 4: 15 – 17 March, 2018
Module 5: 26 – 28 April, 2018

26 October, 2017 – 28 April, 2018

Dates 2018/2019

Module 1: 18. – 20 October, 2018
Module 2: 29 November – 01 December, 2018
Module 3: 07 – 09 February, 2019
Module 4: 14 – 16 March, 2019
Module 5: 25 – 27 April, 2019

18 October, 2018 – 27 April, 2019


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