Building Value Through Values: The Ethical Barometer among German Business Leaders

German business leaders see trust, responsibility, and integrity as top priorities in the ethical compass of leadership. When asked what it takes to successfully lead people in the digital transformation, the majority of leaders rely on universal moral values and clearly reject selfish leadership. However, 20 percent of the leaders say that also egoistic motives are important to be successful as a leader.

These are just a few insights found by this year’s German leadership poll, conducted by the “Wertekommission – Initiative Werte Bewusste Führung e.V”. 2018, marks the 10th anniversary of measuring the “ethical barometer” among German business leaders. Since 2016, this project is conducted in cooperation with the TUM School of Management Executive Education Center as well as the TUM Chair of Research and Science Management.

Would you like a more detailed ethical weather report for 2018? Check out the full report here (in German): German Leadership Poll 2018

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