Certified TUM Six Sigma Green Belt Program


TUM Green Belt Certification Program

In partnership with the TUM School of Management Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), Fundamentals of Six-Sigma: Quality Engineering and Management, the TUM School of Management Executive Education Center is offering the Six-Sigma Green Belt certification to course participants in combination with individual online coaching and an intensive face-to-face training in Munich.

This unique opportunity allows learners who are working towards a verified certificate for Fundamentals of Six-Sigma: Quality Engineering and Management to join the Green Belt Certification program by Week 7 of the course. During the MOOC run, participants will be given individual coaching from Six-Sigma Master Black Belt Dr. Reiner Hutwelker to define their project, identify the Critical to Quality parameters and measure relevant data.

Using their own data, participants will spend 4 days in Munich in full-day face-to-face sessions with Master Black Belt Dr. Reiner Hutwelker and Prof. Dr. Holly Ott to finalize all parts of the DMAIC flow, from analyzing the data using a statistical package, building and testing hypotheses, performing root cause analyses, developing improvement ideas and planning the control phase. The final day will culminate in a project presentation and written test for the certification.

This hands-on approach, combining the theory learned and practiced during the MOOC with individual, project-oriented coaching will enable the participant to confidently and effectively start and drive Six-Sigma projects in his or her workplace and work quickly towards a black belt certification.


The Six-Sigma Concept:


  • DEFINE: Charter Review – Definition of the product, its demands, attributes and its problems
  • MEASURE: Process Mapping, C&E Review, identification of negative influences, Data Collection Plan & Hypothesis Building
  • ANALYZE: Graphical Analyses, Process Capability, Hypothesis testing (t-test, F-test, ANOVA, Correlation and Regression), Root Cause Analysis
  • IMPROVE: Classical Solution Development; Solution Design: DOE, FMEA
  • CONTROL: Control Charts: I/MR, X-bar/S, p-Chart, Process Management Plan


  • Professionals and executives of quality management from production and service companies
  • Employees from all business areas and levels actively involved in quality systems and quality improvement


  • Verified certificate for the MOOC QEMx, Fundamentals of Six-Sigma: Quality Engineering and Management
  • Continuous and active participation in the project development, coaching, data collection and face-to-face training.


  • Selection of a suitable project in collaboration with their company.
  • Active support of the project for data provision.
  • Notebook with the Software: Microsoft Excel 2010 or higher and Minitab V16 or higher
  • Active request for coaching the project if necessary


  • Number of participants for the project work with private online-coaching and the Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course is limited to 14 participants to guarantee effective project support
  • In case of higher demand, a second realization of the Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Coursewill be planned for the year 2017


  • According to the principles of the ESSC e.V.
  • Includes exam to test Six Sigma knowledge and the evaluation of the project.
  • Certification managed by Dr. Reiner Hutwelker, Six Sigma Master Black Belt (Siemens AG)
  • Certificate: Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt


    2,5 Months of MOOC and Online Project Coaching
    4 Days of Face-to-Face Sessions




    Munich, TUM School of Management



1. Six-Sigma statistical methodologies and theory (MOOC)

2. Project Definition

  • Upload of Project Charter from sigmaGuide software. Valid selection of a suitable Green Belt Project will be made by Six-Sigma Master Black-Belt, Dr. Reiner Hutwelker. The maximum number of projects that will be selected is 14 on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Time frame: first 6 weeks of MOOC run, deadline 27 July, 2016

3. Individual Online Coaching

  • Indivdiual online-coaching for each project to transfer the six-sigma methodology and apply the tools to each project individually by Dr. Reiner Hutwelker. Standardized processing of the Practice-Projects according to a Six-Sigma software guide, in the coaching as well as in the training.
  • Time frame: second 4 weeks of MOOC run

4. Data collection

  • Participants collect data for their project.

5. Data verification

  • Data verification by Dr. Reiner Hutwelker.

6.Face-to-Face Training in Munich

  • Intesive training with Dr. Reiner Hutwelker and Prof. Dr. Holly Ott to analyse the data using a statistical package, develop improvement ideas and prepare the control phase to bring the project to implementation-ready state.
  • Green Belt Certification by Dr. Reiner Hutwelker
  • Theory Exam: attestation according to the ISO-Guidelines
  • Practice Exam: Presentation, Discussion and Evaluation of the Project
  • Certification by Technical Universtiy of Munich
Relevant Dates
tbd Start of MOOC
tbd Registration Deadline

Start of Coaching Sessions

Payment 1: 500 EUR

tbd Payment 2: 2.700 EUR

Data verification and preparation

tbd Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course (@TUM School of Management)

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