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In a trilateral initiative between the German Employer Branding Academy, the WU Executive Academy at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and the TUM School of Management, this Certificate Program provides a user-oriented approach to Employer Branding. Learn how to build and control your employer’s brand, activate the right team members, raise identification with the company and increase employee motivation.

This Certificate Program provides the tools and instruments for mastering all stages of the Employer Branding process. Students receive a step-by-step guide on how to transform their employer into a brand – efficiently and systematically. The course features comprehensive real-life case studies and tried-and-tested management tools. Next to mastering the skill-set of an efficient Employer Brand Manager, students cultivate a critical perspective for analyzing employer brands within a wider economic context.

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Location Munich


  • Target Group This extra-occupational Certificate Program aims to provide advanced training to managing directors, regional and business unit managers, as well as executives in medium-sized businesses, corporations and public sector institutions. It is aimed at specialists from the fields of human resources, corporate communications as well as marketing, who are looking to position themselves for the role of Brand Manager in their organization by acquiring the necessary academic skills with this certificate.
  • Language German
  • Duration 4 modules, 2 days each (Fridays 10:00am – 6:00pm and Saturdays 09:00am – 5:15pm)
  • Course Number 15
  • Requirements • University or College Degree (Bachelor and higher) in any faculty. Minimum two years of professional experience.
    • For leadership personnel without academic degrees: Minimum four years professional experience.
  • Course Dates – Spring 2020 Module 1: 08. – 09.05.2020
    Module 2: 05. – 06.06.2020
    Module 3: 26. – 27.06.2020
    Module 4: 04. – 05.09.2020
  • Course Dates Autumn 2020/2021 Module 1: 06. – 07.11.2020
    Module 2: 04. – 05.12.2020
    Module 3: 22. – 23.01.2021
    Module 4: 12. – 13.02.2021
  • Tuition Fee € 6,800 (exempt from value added tax (VAT) for participants from Austria and Switzerland, plus VAT for participants from Germany). (10% discount for TUM alumni)


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