Digital Coach Emma

Our digital coach Emma was developed in partnership with everskill GmbH, the winner of the HR Innovation Award 2017.
everskill has developed a digital coach, who now accompanies the Leadership & Development Module of the EMBA and customized programs and supports participants in achieving individual development and learning goals more successfully and, above all, more sustainably. The two founders know each other through their doctoral studies at the TUM Entrepreneurship Research Institute.

Together with everskill, the EEC has developed tailor-made content for the digital coach. The program picks up the contents and techniques from the leadership training and supports the participants to implement the contents of the training in their daily work.

The digital coach accompanies managers for several weeks with the involvement of personal conversations, push notifications, a feed with in-depth content, provision of training materials and opportunities for exchange within a learning community. “Our avatar Emma stands for the importance of personal interaction and dialogue in our leadership trainings. This enables us to support the participants in developing their individual leadership potential.” says Dr. Ellen Schmid, Leadership Expert at TUM School of Management. Emma also complements the leadership trainers Dr. Ellen Schmid und Dr. Kristin Knipfer. “We know from our research how challenging it is for the executives to implement the training content in their daily leadership routine. We are excited about the opportunity to support them with the help of Emma in implementing the leadership techniques they have learned.” states Dr. Kristin Knipfer, Leadership Expert at TUM School of Management.

Thanks to Emma we are able to coach EMBA participants and corporate clients in their daily work after the end of classroom training and support them even more individually in learning new management techniques and in their personal development.


  • Thomas Münch
    Senior Manager Digital Innovations & Leadership
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  • Dr. Ellen Schmid
    Head of Leadership Research & Development
  • Phone 49 89 289 28474
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