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Companies with a global outlook and customer base are confronted with navigating an increasingly complex business environment. Managers need to control increasing costs and risk factors, while being exposed to constant pressure to keep these factors at a minimum. Meanwhile, fast-paced changes on the market call for quick and flexible responses and adjustments. Meeting these challenges on an enterprise level – especially on a global basis – is only possible by sharing best practices across all parts of the organization while leveraging synergies without compromising the autonomy of regional branches.

As companies are becoming more aware of the key importance of enterprise architects, our Certificate Program provides guidance for designing successful organizational business structures supported by powerful and responsive business and IT capacities for sustainable performance improvements across the board. Our course encourages enterprise architects to internalize and understand the key mechanics of their company’s core business, always keeping in mind the manifold efficiency gains unlocked by innovative use of the latest IT solutions. This Certificate Program is custom-tailored towards training the enterprise architects of the future. As a starting point for decision makers with appropriate experience, the course communicates the tools and mind-sets for building efficient and innovative business structures on any scale.

Module 1: Strategy & Business Design
Henley Business School, Great Britain

 Module 2: Enterprise Architecture
TUM School of Management, Germany

 Module 3: Governance
TIAS School for Business and Society, Netherlands

The program involves business schools from different locations in Europe delivering education both on the techniques and management of strategy and enterprise architecture. The education will also include sessions on behavioral skills (such as Stakeholder Engagement) set in a Strategy and Enterprise Architecture context to enhance performance in the cross functional role of the enterprise architect.

Cooperation Partner:

The European CIO Association

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3 modules, 4 days each

Course Dates

Module 1: 27 February – 2 March, 2018 (Henley)

Module 2: April 23 – 26, 2018 (TUM)

Module 3: June 4 – 7, 2018 (TIAS)

Tuition Fee

€ 11,000.

Tuition fee for members of EuroCIO, of any affiliated national body and of the alumni circles of the involved Business Schools: 9.900,00 EUR


Henley Business School (Henley-on-Thames, UK), TUM School of Management (Munich) and TIAS School for Business and Society (Tilburg, Netherlands)


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