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Upcoming 3-in-1 Executive MBA-Day:

7 June, 2018

Upcoming Event

Upcoming Executive MBA Day in Business & IT:

14 June, 2018

Executive MBA Overview

At the Executive Education Center at the Technical University of Munich (Germany), we offer three different part-time Executive MBA programs which are designed to fit the needs of many different career paths. Whether you are an engineer and would like to gain more skills in leadership and management, you are founding your own company and need profound knowledge and support, or you work in the IT sector and would like to take the next step in your career, you can choose the program just right for your situation. Take the opportunity at study at a top management school in Germany, accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB!

Executive MBA in
Business & IT
Executive MBA in
Innovation & Business Creation
…for executives
and managers
…for managers in the
age of digital transformation
…for entrepreneurs and
innovation managers
Focus on
management, leadership
and personal development
Focus on
digital transformation and information management
Focus on
entrepreneurship and
innovation management
Part-time structure, 3 semesters plus Master’s ThesisPart-time structure, 3 semesters plus Master’s ThesisPart-time structure, 3 semesters plus Master’s Thesis
Accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSBAccredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSBAccredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB
€ 32,000 plus
student union fee
€ 39,000 plus
student union fee
€ 32,000 plus
student union fee

Our alumni say

“Despite having a bachelor’s degree and ten years of work experience, I learned a huge amount on different levels. All the lecturers are high quality and the very practical learning and small-group work is effective and fun. Even five years after graduating, I continue to benefit professionally from the network I built up through the Executive MBA!”

Bettina Busch
Bettina Busch (Executive MBA Class of 2008)

“Doing the MBA at TUM School of Management while in a full-time job is certainly the most intensive way of developing general management skills as well as improving your own leadership and communication expertise. For me, the MBA was the key to all the very latest issues relating to the main company divisions. It provides a foundation for strategic reflection and influence at all levels.”

Julia Lutter-Müller
Julia Lutter-Müller(Executive MBA Class of 2012)
Amway GmbH

“How do you run a company professionally? How do you successfully implement change? The Executive MBA teaches just that through its excellent lecturers who have mastered a wide range of modern teaching methods.”

Dr. Johannes Beckers
Dr. Johannes Beckers(Executive MBA Class of 2010)
Helmholtz Zentrum München GmbH

“What I like most about the program is broadening and reflecting my knowledge and discussing with professors, lecturers and within the group! It is very helpful for my personal and professional growth.

Christoph Abendroth
Christoph Abendroth(Participant Executive MBA in Business & IT)
Bayer (China) Limited

“There comes a point in the career where you look to challenge yourself in order to expand your abilities and skillset for the future. After more than 15 years of work experience at the interface of business and IT, this program arrived at the right time. The highly ranked TU Munich and University of St. Gallen offer a curriculum which blends state-of-the-art management and IT content that leaders need to prepare for future challenges. It is a great learning experience to be in a class of executives from different industries, sharing perspectives and discussing how concepts can be applied to tackle business issues.”

Thorsten Camin
Thorsten Camin(Participant Executive MBA in Business & IT)
Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

“I chose the EMBA program in Business and IT because I wanted to get a 360-degree view on business-administration aspects on C-level. The academic background of well-known experts allowed us to discuss and review strategic decisions, and to find the right balance between demand and supply in use cases. The expert talks of current and former C-level executives gave me the chance to get deep insights into the subject and learn about the people behind the role.”

Sascha Wirtz
Sascha Wirtz(Participant Executive MBA in Business & IT)
Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

“Before the EMBA program I led a medium sized company as CEO for six years and parallel started an own company – but I didn’t have a vision or a plan how to build up a real startup.
This knowledge, brought to me by great professors with great experience combined with the spirit of the UC Berkeley and Silicon Valley startups, created a totally new way of thinking to me. In the class I found amazing people who also had that spirit and we had the chance to found our own startup UnserParkplatz.de. I am very proud and happy that I had the opportunity to be part of the EMBA Class of 2013 to further develop myself and a company.”

Denise Schuster
Denise Schuster(Executive MBA in Innovation &
Business Creation Class of 2013)

“The TUM EMBA program is an ideal innovation laboratory to successfully envision, design, plan and execute an entrepreneurial idea in theory and practice. The world class professors teach the latest in economic and leadership theory in an international context. My classmates and the alumni network are an accessible and reliable foundation for my current startup venture. For me, the program was the perfect choice.”

Shannon Layland
Shannon Layland(Executive MBA in Innovation &
Business Creation Class of 2014)