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Executive MBA: Building Individual Leadership Skills & Personal Development

Starting the new year with a focus on personal development, our Executive MBA class used the opportunity to work on individual leadership skills here at the EEC. Our participants took advantage of the many opportunities in our EMBA program for personalized training and self-reflection to evaluate their role as business leaders.

The class is currently engaged in the matching phase of their Mentorship Program. With a focus on individualized learning, the program assigns each participant – or “mentee” – a seasoned business leader as a mentor to provide guidance with individualized feedback and advice.

Another important stepping stone on the way to Executive MBA certification consists of the scientifically founded Leadership Profiles for our participants. Based on self-evaluation and ratings from employees, the profiles provide the basis for a targeted action plan. Individually tailored towards each participant, the plan outlines key areas for improving leadership skills and expanding strong points to become more efficient decision-makers.

The Executive MBA group will receive its completed Leadership Profiles in early February during the EMBA Core Module “Leadership & Cooperation”. The profiles are supervised by our Leadership Development Team Dr. Ellen Schmid and Dr. Kristin Knipfer, who have developed a range of new virtual teaching methods for 2018. More in our next edition of this newsletter.

Please note: The application period for our Executive MBA program starting in May 2018 is still open until mid-February. Please contact us anytime and also send your current CV via email for preparation. We are happy to schedule a personal counseling session via phone or Skype call.

Would you like to learn more about the Executive MBA program here at TUM School of Management? For detailed information, please visit the official Executive MBA program page.

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