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In view of the current developments regarding the spread of the COVID-19, the TUM School of Management feels obliged to contribute with preventive and informative measures.

For the Executive and Professional Education Programs we have taken the current situation as motivation to provide blended learning formats tailored to the needs of our participants. We are aware of the importance of networking within our programs, and as a result, these formats offer the opportunity to exchange ideas and mindsets among our lecturers and participants, of course, taking into consideration all safety regulations.

To this end, we are ready to shape the new campus life and offer you an appropriate learning environment for Executive and Professional Education. Below you will find a list of FAQ that our Program Managers have prepared to support and guide you with all your enquiries around the most important topics.

Please get in touch with us for more detailed information or if you still have further questions at

Fall Intake Start

We regularly offer Virtual Info Sessions and are happy to get in touch with you on a one-to-one basis virtually.  Please, check our Events Page for more details. You can also join our mailing list by sending an email to with this request please provide also information on which program you are the most interested in. 

We have firm plans for our program to begin in October 2020. We will support all admitted and enrolled students so that they can join at the start of semester with as little disruption as possible. We hope to see you in person, but will be ready with a raft of innovative digital tools if the situation in autumn warrants their use! One way or another, the semester will take place. Innovation is our specialty, and we will be ready.

A decision about the format of classes in our program has not yet been made. The decision, when it comes, will be based on:

  1. Laws/regulations in Germany and the state of Bavaria. Governmental & university leaders are using data and scientific modeling to make the best decisions. At the moment there is not enough data to make sensible decisions about October yet, and the government has not announced firm guidance.
  2. Safety and well-being for our students. We want to hold classes in-person if possible, but this will depend on how we assess safety risks to our students and what we are able to do to mitigate those risks (e.g. disinfecting classrooms, having space available for students to sit farther apart, etc.). The university is studying these possibilities, but we must observe how public health conditions develop in order to make good decisions and prepare the means to implement them.

Current COVID-19 situation in Germany

Certain restrictions have already been eased and Germany has a very good network of clinics and hospitals and is therefore very well prepared to deal with COVID-19. One important fact to bear in mind is that Germany has the highest number of intensive care and hospital beds among all EU countries. Public health decisions in Germany are data-driven based on expert advice from health authorities. The statistics are updated daily and publicly available through the Robert Koch Institute.

Application & Admission Process

Yes, our recently launched new digital application platform makes the application process even smoother and easier for you. All required documents for the admission process can be conveniently uploaded electronically, which will save you lots of time and paperwork. No further certified documents are needed until the enrollment.

Further documents for enrollment can also be submitted via post service. Please reach out to our admissions team if you need assistance with this process or check with our admission webpage.

For our Executive MBA programs no test scores are required. Your proficiency in English and your study abilities will be assessed during a multi-stage admission process according to our submitted documents and the individual admission interview.

TUM will not ask you for until the enrollment process, for the admission process we can work with the digital documents.

However, in case you obtained your Master entry qualification outside of the European Union, uni-assist will ask you to submit certified hard-copies. Please find further information on the last question of this category (I am applying from outside of the European Union, what should I take into account?).

We are currently conducting admissions interviews digitally. Please be sure to test your computer’s audio/video settings in advance and prepare your environment to ensure that the conversation goes smoothly and presents you in your best light.

All applicants who obtained their Master entrance qualification in a country outside the EU/EEA or Switzerland, must apply for a verification document via uni-assist. You can have your documents reviewed by uni-assist at any time of the year, and indeed we strongly recommend prospective students who need to apply to uni-assist to do so in good time. At peak periods, the uni-assist process can take up to six weeks to complete.

We recommend that you apply as early as possible to our program and uni-assist to allow enough time for these processes. Please follow our guidance to start with the verification.

Special conditions for certain countries: Applicants from China and Vietnam need to be aware of additional requirements.

Financing Options

The tuition fees are invoiced in 4 installments (one for each 6 months/semester). You only have to pay the first 6 months when you start the program. The subsequent payments will be invoiced later for as long as you remain enrolled. Thus, if for unforeseen circumstances you cannot finish the program, you are not obliged to pay the full program fee.

Also, please note that even though the program takes 2 years to complete, you have 3 years time to finish all the modules and hand in the Master’s Thesis. This gives you additional flexibility.

Please talk to one of our Program Managers for advice regarding your personal situation.


Networking is a very important topic and the current situation does present some challenges. We are taking these challenges on and using this time to experiment with new formats to enhance networking in the current climate. The new situation provides also additional networking opportunities beyond the normal scope. Please, talk to our Program Managers to learn more.

TUM Knowledge Base

We are aware that the need for evidence-based information has never been more important than now. We recognize our role in this and present our collection of useful and research-based resources: TUM Knowledge Base Leadership & Teamwork
Here, you will find links to key resources, free content and webinars to navigate the current situation. Find out how to lead virtual teams, how to thrive at working from home, and how to reboot your mental resources!

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